A few words about us

With their knowledge of the materials and methods of work as well as with their many years of experience, the working team of our company significantly contributes to the successful implementation of various investment projects.

In order to provide the expertise, we permanently cooperate with people from various areas of living and working, and at the same time we invest in the training of our staff to provide the expertise in the application of the materials.

We as MAK DESIGN not only ensure quality or application of quality products, but also offer concentrated expertise in selection, design of details and realization of ideas, which in this case means to help with our expertise in choosing the right appropriate materials for the need of OUR CLIENTS.

MAK-DESIGN has been successfully cooperating with renowned investors in the Republic of Macedonia for many years, where with its professional services it contributes to their penetration on the Macedonian market.

By caring for the interests of our customers, we are ready to respond to their needs at any time. The measure of our success is finding solutions that meet the needs of our customers, and at the same time contribute to reducing their costs.

This means that we are here to help you choose the materials that will suit the functionality, will satisfy the aesthetics and of course the economy is a factor we will not forget.